Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5 android puzzle game download

Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5

There are several type of risk in Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5 android game and you have to prevent yourself from all harmful attack. In this multi playing online android game introduces the realistic video and sound which make it more attractive. So don’t wait to play on your mobile phone, Smart phone and droid after free download from mediafire and 4shared links.

Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5

Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5

New version apk details:

  1. Game name : Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5
  2. Category: Brain & Puzzle
  3. Developer company: Brian DeWolff
  4. Apk Size: 5.9M
  5. Play. Google price: $1.85 and  below links for free download.
  6. Recommended device: 2.1 and up
  7. Recent  updated:  April 10, 2013

Explanation & Core Features on Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5:

 The classic Risk board game, streamlined for quicker play. Drisk was designed and built specifically for Android phones and tablets. Supports two to six players, any mixture of players and AI. Local pass-and-play and full online multiplayer which ties into Scoreloop player accounts.Currently comes with 30 maps and the ability to load custom maps from device storage.

Many of the common variations of Risk can be set in the options menu. You can also vary the initial startup settings. Supports game saving and loading. Realistic sound effects.Don’t be afraid to email me directly with any questions or legitimate refund requests. Check out the website for more information, future plans, or to submit feature requests and feedback directly to me.

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Previous User rating and review:

“Seems to work better than it used to. I’d suggest making it like real RISK, where you have to move at least the amount of men into a newly conquered territory as the # of dice you rolled. And add the Secret Missions like the European versions!  ” is self motivated message as  “Much Improved”  from a previous user April 8, 2013 – HTC Desire HD  to Drisk (Droid Risk) apk v1.7.5  android game which can be collected as full apk file game apps from Google premium download links.

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