Paladog v 2.1.1 apk mobile game mediafire free download

Paladog v 2.1.1 apk

The most popular game of this time is Paladog v 2.1.1 apk which is created by the company FazeCat. The FazeCat company develop for the android mobile phone user. The game Paladog v 2.1.1 apk mobile software game is available in below free download urls from mediafire. The players can collect the game from below urls and enjoy in their android mobile phone.

Paladog v 2.1.1 apk

Paladog v 2.1.1 apk

New version apk details:

  1. Game name : Paladog v 2.1.1 apk
  2.  Category: Arcade & Action
  3. Developer company: FazeCat
  4. Apk Size: 17M
  5. Play. Google price: $1.00 and download it as free from below:
  6. Recommended device : 2.1 and up
  7. Recent  updated: April 18, 2012

Full description and core features:

The mother earth has lost vitality as a result of overwhelming greed and selfishness of human.
Not so extended following, the gods ultimately decide to annihilate the complete human race.
Alternatively, critters have given intelligence to possess an opportunity to establish their particular civilization.
They worshipped their creators and spent a millennium in peace.
Various from human race, the critters have been innocent, pure and peace loving creatures.
Meanwhile the devils were struggling to locate evil minds which once had been filled with and close to once the earth was filled with human.
The devils, right after all, make your mind up to declare war within the critterland.
Critters have extended accustomed to peace.
They appeared incapable to battle against the human undeads summoned in the hell by the devils and also the fate of the nation appeared grim.
At the incredibly minute all people was about to present up hope, one particular paladin arose in the dark to fight back for your peace of your critterland….

His name…. was… Paladog.

Game Mode>
– Paladog : Escort, Destiny, Battlefield
– Darkdog : Boar Dash, Rocking Horse Defense, Dungeon Defense

Game Tips>
– Paladog : Allies during the variety of aura can use more powerful capabilities.
– Darkdog : Enemies while in the range of dark aura get debuffed.
– Modifying weapons or units that you simply use can make hard stages less complicated.
– The new hero, Darkdog mode gets unlocked bt clearing the occasion stage that exhibits up after the 3rd wave of Paladog Survival Mode.
– Paladog and Darkdog shares some products (Gem/Enchant stone/Phoenix Feather) together.
– Survival ‘Friends’ mode, which it is possible to have enjoyable together with your Facebook buddies added.

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previous User rating and review:

“It forces closes once in a while but not enuff for me to keep coming back and playing this game is awesome” is self motivated message as “Awesome game :)” from the a previous user installing on Motorola Droid X2 with the new version of  2.1.1 apk mobile software game and the apps can be get from above free download urls.

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